Weasel the Cat is addicted to eating lawn grass. Unfortunately, it then gets stuck in her nasal cavity when she tries to throw it back up. She recently beat the World Record for the longest blade of grass ever to be stuck up a cat’s snout (click here to see story).

Some cats eat grass to bring up fur balls. The devilish problem with tough lawn grass is that it has tiny barbs that hook into a cat’s nasal cavity when they regurgitate it.

Weasel’s humans are being crippled by expensive vet’s bills to constantly remove stuck snout grass, so they have now put Weasel on a rehab programme. The humans have followed internet advice and gone to the trouble of growing bowls of softer, un-barbed wheat grass.

This is in the hope that it will wean her off the hard stuff, a bit like cat-methadone.

Despite all this fannying around with a kitchen full of germinating wheat seed and buying costly organic compost, Weasel has not so much as sniffed at the wheat grass. The closest she has got to cold turkey is stealing some leftover chicken from the dinner table.

When asked for a comment, Weasel remained defiant and said,

‘They tried to make me go to rehab, I said ‘Meow, Meow, Meow’’.

The humans are now thinking about bringing in a much stricter regime which involves kicking Weasel’s arse every time they see her eating lawn grass.

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