The mighty Sutton United once overcame the odds to beat the once mighty Leeds United in the Fourth Round of the FA Cup*. This was despite, according to the BT Sports pre-match coverage, the club having “a throwback ground, cramped dressing rooms and a water leak in the bar”. Having such handicaps pointed out to the world, the odds of Sutton winning immediately went out to 50,000 to 1.

Sutton United did win though, by one goal to nil with Sutton getting a penalty fifteen minutes into the second half. Unfortunately Russian cyber-hacking meant that not only was BT Sports coverage interrupted by a loss of sound, but the sonic wave from Moscow also knocked out every single digital device in Sutton’s throwback ground.

Therefore, despite the penalty giving ample time for i-phones to be readied, there isn’t a single surviving record of the penalty. Fortunately the writer of this blog still uses his trusty Kodak Instamatic. Hence, after a quick trip down to Boots to get the film developed, we have the only photograph in existence of this historic moment in sporting history. Unfortunately it is crap.


*For our overseas readers: The FA Cup is a football (soccer) trophy that used to be taken seriously by our bigger clubs. Unfortunately these days most of the bigger teams have bigger priorities so they tend to field their Under 12s sides.

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