prawns sutton pleaseA Sutton cat was celebrating this morning when she discovered that her message to Santa had paid off. It isn’t easy for a cat to write, as paws and claws aren’t naturally equipped for literacy. However weeks of practice paid off and she finally managed to write the words ‘Prawns, Sutton, Please’ in the snow on Christmas Eve.

Imagine her surprise when she came down to the kitchen in the early hours of this morning and found that Santa had seen her message. Such was her delight that she scoffed most of the prawns before the humans woke up. For some reason the humans were not as chuffed as she was, especially when they also had to clean up the seafood cat-sick that was from here to, err, Christmas.

Meanwhile up at the North Pole, Mrs Santa was also less than pleased when Santa returned home after being out all night and with his fingers stinking of fish.

Happy Christmas.

p.s. My apologies for giving away the plot for the next John Lewis Christmas advert.